Press Release: “Campaign Fail: Florida’s Chief Auditor Jimmy Patronis Failed to Audit Own Criminal Contributors Before Attacking Jeremy Ring”

September 25, 2018
contact: Anthony Pardal, (239) 410-6048

Campaign Fail: Florida’s Chief Auditor Jimmy Patronis Failed to Audit Own Criminal Contributors Before Attacking Jeremy Ring

CORAL SPRINGS, Florida — Yesterday, Jimmy Patronis announced a new campaign website designed to impugn the reputation of Jeremy Ring by listing the backgrounds of a handful of his campaign contributors. However, the only thing it exposed was that Jimmy Patronis is just another politician throwing rocks at a glass house. A quick search of contributions to Patronis’ campaign accounts through March of this year shows a rogues gallery of contributors, including the ones listed below. Does this make Jimmy Patronis a hypocrite or just incompetent? Or, both? Either way, this is just further proof that he is unqualified to be Florida’s Chief Financial Officer.

The following are a list of some of Patronis’ criminal and ethically challenged contributors. More to come:

Jay Odom – Served jail time for a scheme to launder money to a presidential candidate and other campaign finance violations and tried to buy influence that led to a separate indictment that ultimately brought down former Florida House Speaker Ray Sansom amongst other questionable business and political endeavors.

Mike Horner – The former State Rep. resigned his seat after his name came up during an investigation of a prostitution ring.

Jeffrey Bragg – A one-time nominee for Florida’s insurance commissioner was sued for misleading investors in a flood insurance venture that ultimately caused tens of millions of dollars in harm.

Frank Stevens – Arrested for fraud.

Jeffrey Howell – Arrested for a DUI

Thorsten Pfeffer – Criminally charged with conspiring to use their club for the consumption and distribution of illegal drugs.

Pat Bunker – Multiple criminal offenses including burglary and a DUI.

Tiffany Carr – Investigated for misusing taxpayer money and providing false salary information to Florida’s Department of Children and Families.

Ring, who opened the first East Coast office of the internet company Yahoo! out of his apartment in 1996, also represented Broward County as a Democrat in the Florida Senate from 2006 until 2016. Ring has been traveling extensively to meet with voters and share his vision for the state. His unique background in the technology sector has colored his calls for the creation of an innovation economy and high-paying jobs in Florida. Ring’s accomplishments in this sphere include helping to build Yahoo from a small start-up into a multi-billion dollar venture along with his work in the Florida Senate laying the groundwork for innovation and technology companies to flourish in the state.